BOFU plastic modular formwork for column

Basic Things to Know, How to Speed Up Commercial Construction?

BOFU plastic formwork system After an unfortunate slumping period in new commercial construction Formwork projects, we are happy to report that new development projects are in full recovery mode. This trend has been pointed out through a series of leading indicators including deliveries of new building supplies throughout 2014. Another indication of a growth spurt […]

Understanding the Details of Concrete Formwork Pressure

BOFU plastic formwork system It is important to know and understand the factors that can affect concrete Formwork pressure to ensure a successful pour. When placing concrete, we will consider the different factors that play a role in determining the placement rate and height of pour. Unit Weight of Concrete:  The unit weight of concrete, […]

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Describing the Fire Resistance of an Insulated Concrete Form House

BOFU plastic formwork system Of all the construction materials used today, concrete is one of the most resistant to fire. This fire resistance insulated Building Concrete Form, gives the house important safety advantages over traditional wood frame structures. Unlike wood, concrete cannot burn; and unlike steel, it won’t soften or bend. Concrete will only break […]

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BOFU plastic modular formwork for corner walls

BOFU plastic formwork system The customers in New Zealand build their new houses by BOFU plastic modular formwork recently almost finished. The houses mainly composed of 4 rooms, seperated by 4 walls, thus we call it cross walls. By traditional formwork, the workers will need so much wood to make the skeleton firstly, especially on […]

BOFU plastic formwork adjustable column

Proprietary Wall Formwork System | BOFU Form Work Systems

BOFU plastic formwork system A large number of proprietary wall formwork systems are available these days. We shall be discussing a few of them. The wall form system is so named as it is specially designed for wall construction. These systems can be applied to a wide range of wall forming applications irrespective of wall […]

plastic formwork for column

BOFU plastic modular formwork for columns

BOFU plastic formwork system The new project in Dubai, U.A.E. is well known for its columns, which cast by BOFU plastic modular formwork adjustable column panels easily. Most of the columns are 200x500mm, it is easy to do by advanced adjustable column formworks, the height for each column is 3m, which will need 16pcs of […]

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BOFU plastic modular formwork for walls in U.A.E.

BOFU plastic formwork system The project in U.A.E. goes to the next step. Tender required to make lower walls by bricks and then using BOFU plastic modular formwork system for upper walls. Although the formwork panels have been used for several times, when dismental the formwork, it still keep the surface of walls to be […]

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BOFU plastic formwork system making excellent surface

BOFU plastic formwork system BOFU plastic formwork system using in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. for business building. After remove the formwork, the surface of concrete keep excellent smooth without rework. We will have more projects in Middle East soon, please keep attention to our website for further more information. BOFU plastic formwork system

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BOFU formwork system for foundation in U.A.E.

BOFU plastic formwork system The new project in U.A.E. of ground and 4 floor building started. Now foundation almost finished by BOFU plastic formwork system. “It was done perfectly” praised by our client – Mr. Mohammed. Using advanced BOFU plastic formwork system, the foundation can be done quickly, the workers familar with the new formwork […]

BOFU plastic formwork system for column in Saudi Arabia.

BOFU plastic formwork for foundation

BOFU plastic formwork system BOFU plastic formwork system is suitable for foundation, not only for column, but also for plinth or ground beam. In Saudi Arabia, our clients use BOFU plastic formwork to make foundation, plinth. Because of the hot weather in summer, workers have to work at evening, when the sun is not so […]