Reduce Construction Costs From Construction Equipment

BOFU plastic formwork system Many people think that the construction industry has a great profit. In fact, good construction quality is as much investment in the construction process as other engineering projects, and even much higher than other industries because of some architectural design requirements. Among these inputs, the construction of building formwork and related […]

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Construction Plastic Formwork for Construction Industry

BOFU plastic formwork system When it comes to the construction industry, it is essential that the workers use a variety of building formworks to ensure the formation (shape and size) of the concrete and the smoothness of the surface. So, what are the construction formwork and what are the types of construction formwork? Construction forms […]

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Plastic Building Formwork – Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

BOFU plastic formwork system Nowadays, plastic building formwork is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly product. It is an updated product of old-fashioned formwork such as wood formwork and steel formwork. It can completely replace traditional formwork and is a low-cost environmentally friendly building formwork. In general, if you use a plastic formwork, you […]


Wide Using of Plastic Building Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system The use of building formwork is indispensable for the current construction. The energy conservation and environmental protection advocated now leads to a decline in the use of wood formwork. Plastic formwork has been used in construction, engineering decoration, home decoration, industrial support and other fields. This new concrete forms has several […]

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Comparison of Several Construction Formowrks

BOFU plastic formwork system Speaking of the most commonly used plastic building formwork, it is still a new type of environmental-friendly construction formwork that has only recently become hot. There are many reasons for such booming using. We do not analyze it here but make a few more practical. The first is an extremely high […]


Analysis of The Status of Building Formwork Market

BOFU plastic formwork system In the past several years, the market for construction formwork has become larger and larger, and now the market is filled with concrete formwork for various materials. However, at the top of the formwork pyramid, there are still two types of formworks- plastic formwork and plywood formwork. Of course, steel forms […]


Building Formwork Choice, Suitability Is The Best

BOFU plastic formwork system As the construction industry keep heat up, the corresponding construction materials have also been upgraded. Compared with the old materials, the concrete buildings are now more popular. For concrete construction, whether it is a large-scale real estate construction or a self-built small house, it is inseparable from the the building formwork. […]


What Need To Consider When Choosing Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system During the construction process, the concrete formwork has always been a very close tool to the construction of the project. It is also very helpful for the current construction quality and overall arrangement of the construction. The importance of concrete forms is undoubted, but the choice of high-quality formwork is very […]


New Plastic Formwork In Construction Market

BOFU plastic formwork system The concrete formwork is widely used in the construction industry, it is a kind of temporary support structure, made according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structure and components are formed at designed position, and keep their correct position till the concrete harden, and also bear the self-weight and […]


Plastic Formwork for Exterior Wall Insulation

BOFU plastic formwork system Nowadays, the formwork market’s new superstar is the plastic concrete formwork. This kind of formwork can be said to be very mature whether it is from the use of performance or technical requirements. After all, although it is new, it actually has a history of many years. In the past, when […]