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Speed up construction with suitable formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system Formwork is very useful for a wide variety of things. But, by far, the primary benefit it provides is that it allows you to speed up the work on your construction site. By using plastic concrete formwork, you get to eliminate the hassle and focus on the essential work that you […]


How can your home withstand an earthquake?

BOFU plastic formwork system Although buildings are getting safer all the time, the reality is that you do need to find out a good, creative way that you can use to help buildings from crumbling to pieces during an earthquake. That’s where the need for a proper concrete formwork comes into play. While you can […]

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BOFU formwork in Sydney Build 2017

BOFU plastic formwork system Royal formwork solution-the sole distributor of BOFU formwork in Australia attend Sydney Build 2017 on March. The plastic concrete formwork system was welcomed in the exhibition, because of its advantages such as light weight, modular, easy operateion, save time and labor, many customers were interested in the new advanced concrete forms […]

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History of Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system Although formwork is rather complex nowadays, the situation wasn’t exactly like that right from the start. In fact, the history of formwork is quite impressive, because quite a lot of time had to pass for humanity to create concrete formwork and the current concrete forms that you can see nowadays on […]

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What requirements should be fulfilled by a concrete formwork?

BOFU plastic formwork system If you want to create a new building project, you most likely want a good concrete formwork that will give you the quality and value you need. With that in mind, there are lots of options that you can focus on, some of which are more challenging when compared to others. […]

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Environment and Green Building

BOFU plastic formwork system The Center for Sustainable Development reports that while the building industry represents over half the nation’s wealth, few home developers have embraced green building to specifically reduce the impact of traditional concepts of construction on the environment. In point of fact, traditional buildings consume up to 50percent of the world’s energy, […]

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BOFU Modular Concrete Formwork Introduction

BOFU plastic formwork system When it comes to construction, formwork is a pivotal aspect that needs to be heavily considered. It’s a huge part of creating molds for concrete. Construction relies on dependable, sturdy formwork that enables the entire process to go smoothly. With the reusable plastic formwork from BOFU, many construction oriented tasks can […]

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Importance of Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system In all construction sites, the main priority is the safety of the workers. In constructing any buildings, homes or any establishments, the formwork is very important. Formwork is the impermanent molding structure that the constructor considers in the whole process of their work. This is where the concretes are being poured […]

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Why should you use the BOFU concrete formwork system?

BOFU plastic formwork system If you want to create a robust and durable building, you need to opt for the very best concrete formwork on the market. Since concrete starts its life as a semi-solid, you need some stellar concrete forms that will help you model it in any way you want. That’s what makes […]

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Advanced Concrete Forms

BOFU plastic formwork system Usually, formwork is a molding form that converts the concrete into a shape or a frame. And Concrete Forms will give a control over the particular outline of the result when concrete will be filled with it. Concrete is a like unique semi-solid product that can be operatedin most any shape. […]