New Plastic Formwork In Construction Market

BOFU plastic formwork system The concrete formwork is widely used in the construction industry, it is a kind of temporary support structure, made according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structure and components are formed at designed position, and keep their correct position till the concrete harden, and also bear the self-weight and […]


Plastic Formwork for Exterior Wall Insulation

BOFU plastic formwork system Nowadays, the formwork market’s new superstar is the plastic concrete formwork. This kind of formwork can be said to be very mature whether it is from the use of performance or technical requirements. After all, although it is new, it actually has a history of many years. In the past, when […]


What You Need To Pay Attention To Choose a Concrete Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system During the construction process, the concrete formwork has always been a vital tool to the construction of the project. It is also very helpful for the construction quality and overall arrangement of the concrete. The importance of concrete forms is undoubtedly, but the choice of high-quality formwork is very important for […]


Brief Description of Construction Formwork and Plastic Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system The construction industry in the national economy preceded only by the proportion of industry and agriculture, higher than other industries, is the pillar of the national economy. The vigorous development of the construction industry has made great contributions to economic development while changing the appearance of the city and increasing the […]

BOFU plastic formwork in UAE for column

How to Identify Good Quality Plastic Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system More and more cast-in-place constructions booming in recent years, the use of plastic formwork is also increasing. Although plastic formworks have lots of advantages compare with traditional formworks, the actual using may not be as good as expected. There are many reasons lead to the result, for example, the vicious competition […]

concrete forms and concrete formwork for slab

Distinguish of Different Construction Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system Construction formwork is now a kind of building materials more widely used in the market, it is generally used for building houses, bridges, factories and so on. The use of each of the material concrete forms is different, of course, their materials is not the same yet. We now will give […]


Improve the Construction Quality From the Choice of Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system In modern construction, in order to ensure the normal use of the entire building and the appearance of landscaping, the developers have a perfect pursuit for both the overall construction quality and aesthetic level, which enhances the requirements for building formwork. Especially in recent years, with the the emergence of a […]

Foundation formwork

Plastic Concrete Formwork for Multi-storey Building

BOFU plastic formwork system Many buildings are now multi-storey building for pouring, so in general, the construction concrete formwork and its supporting system need to support on the floor below. We need to pay more attention to many aspects on this stage. For example, to use concrete forms properly, we need to ensure that the […]

BOFU plastic formwork in Kazakhstan for T-wall

What Need to Note on the Installation of Plastic Modular Formwork?

BOFU plastic formwork system There is a new product in the construction market – plastic modular formwork. The new products has no such big reputation and do not used spread from the beginning, so many people has problems on the setting up and using process, this article will explain the common aspects on using plastic […]