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The Qualities that Makes Insulated Concrete Forms More Popular

BOFU plastic formwork system Insulated Concrete Forms: Insulating concrete forms (ICFs) result in cast set up concrete walls that are inserted between two layers of insulation material. These frameworks are solid and energy efficient. Regular applications for this strategy for development are low-rise buildings, with property utilizes extending from residential to commercial to industrial. Conventional […]

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Performance of Plastic Mixed Reinforced Concrete Forms

BOFU plastic formwork system Today, Plastic Formwork is extremely compelling structures. This formwork is constantly adaptable and has various purposes of interest that can be extensively used as a part of the advancement field. We, offer the best answer for all the development purposes. Concerning development work with concrete forms, you can’t neglect the […]

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Insulating Concrete Forms- More Reliable and Energy Saving Building Construction Method

BOFU plastic formwork system Most of the people are now more concerned about the benefits of building green, energy efficient homes and business structures. They expect more than before, for example, todays, rising energy costs play a significant role in this new awareness, but still consumers need comfort, safe housing that will keep on providing […]

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Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms – Innovation from the Ground Up

BOFU plastic formwork system As Builders, contractors, and homeowners search for more reliable foundation Formwork for their home or commercial purposes, Vertical Insulated Concrete Forms (VICFs) are the best option for them as it has so many profound advantages. They realize that actually VICFs is an incredible method for energy efficient and safe home. In […]

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Insulated Concrete Forms- Best for New Construction

BOFU plastic formwork system In the field of global residential, commercial, institutional and industrial building, insulated concrete forms (ICFs) have come up with a revolution. An insulated concrete form is a building system made from concrete, now in the limelight due to its cost effectiveness, comfort, durability, energy efficiency and safety ratings as compared to […]

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Advantage of plastic Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system Formwork is an arrangement of wooden boards, bolts, etc., used to shape reinforced concrete or similar material while it is setting. It is also called as shuttering. The formworks are made of wood or metal such as steel or aluminum, but now a revolutionary material has taken over- plastic. It comes […]

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Precast Concrete Walls Reinforce Residential and Commercial Buildings

BOFU plastic formwork system Precast concrete walls have become the preferred choice of homeowners and architects alike when considering building materials for their construction projects. This is due to their flexibility, best Formwork ease of installation, and cost-efficiency. In fact, they are now widely used to create schools, office buildings, hospitals, hidden systems, and parking […]

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Basic Things to Know, How to Speed Up Commercial Construction?

BOFU plastic formwork system After an unfortunate slumping period in new commercial construction Formwork projects, we are happy to report that new development projects are in full recovery mode. This trend has been pointed out through a series of leading indicators including deliveries of new building supplies throughout 2014. Another indication of a growth spurt […]

BOFU plastic formwork system