BOFU plastic formwork system

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Application of Concrete Formwork Technology in Construction

BOFU plastic formwork system In the process of continuous economic development, the degree of urbanization has deepened, and the process of urbanization is also accelerating, which has effectively promoted the development of China’s construction engineering industry. In the process of building construction, due to the changing structure of the building and the overall architectural form, […]


Application Analysis of Construction Technology of Building Formwork Ⅳ

BOFU plastic formwork system 2.3 Improve the professional quality of construction workers The construction process quality and construction efficiency of the building formwork project are closely related to the professional quality level of the construction personnel. The correct construction method can improve the efficiency and ensure the safety of the construction personnel. Therefore, improving the […]

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Application Analysis of Construction Technology of Building Formwork Ⅲ

BOFU plastic formwork system 2 Effective measures to solve the main problems in the construction process of building formwork 2.1 Strengthening technical management before construction The construction of the formwork structure involves various construction links, therefore, it is not only necessary to use the formwork design drawing as the standard, but also to combine the […]

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Application Analysis of Construction Technology of Building FormworkⅡ

BOFU plastic formwork system 1.2 Construction load force calculation data is not accurate enough Before the construction of the building formwork project, the effect of the formwork after the construction should be simulated according to the design plan. The main purpose of this process is to ensure that the overall construction effect will not be […]

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Application Analysis of Construction Technology of Building Formwork Ⅰ

BOFU plastic formwork system Formwork construction is an important part of modern architecture, which determines the quality of the building and its overall stability. The formwork can also be said to be a mold, which is formed in the actual construction application of building materials, and is usually removed after use, and has a strong […]

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Research and Development Status of Plastic Formwork in China

BOFU plastic formwork system With the rapid development of China’s construction industry, the role of building formwork in engineering construction has become more and more prominent, especially since the new formwork and scaffolding application technology has been selected by the Ministry of Construction as one of the 10 new technologies for the construction industry. The […]


Effect of Aluminum Formwork on Construction Cost and Quality

BOFU plastic formwork system The proportion of the formwork in the construction cost is not large, but it is the most space-saving and cost-effective turnover material. Sometimes it is really a choice that the cost of formwork in a building is 50,000 or 100,000. I hope that the author’s experience can help to see the […]


The Development History and Prospects of Building Formworks Ⅲ

BOFU plastic formwork system 3 Prospects for the development of building formworks 3.1 The necessity of developing new construction forms At present, China is in the historical period of rapid development of new rural areas, urbanization and industrialization. Large-scale public facilities and high-rise buildings continue to emerge. On normal circumstances, in the construction of cast-in-place […]

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The Development History and Prospects of Building Formworks Ⅱ

BOFU plastic formwork system 2  Status of use of building formwork in China At present, there are mainly three types of formwork in construction market, they are steel formwork, wood (bamboo) plywood formwork and plastic formwork. 2.1  Combined steel formwork The steel formwork is represented by a shaped tool-type formwork that can be assembled into […]


Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (Ⅹ)

BOFU plastic formwork system When the large formwork is assembled or dismantled, the commanding demolition and hooking personnel must stand in a fully reliable place to operate. It is strictly forbidden for anyone to hoist with the large formwork. Operators installing the outer formwork should wear a seat belt. When the large formwork is lifted, […]

BOFU plastic formwork system