BOFU plastic formwork system

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plastic formwork in U.A.E.

Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (VI)

BOFU plastic formwork system Influence of formwork construction on quality of construction project “Formwork engineering is a general term for a series of technical work and completion of the design, installation and dismantling of forms and supports for concrete forming”, which is the definition of formwork engineering in the quality acceptance specification. The formwork play […]


Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (Ⅴ)

BOFU plastic formwork system Ⅳ Climbing formwork The climbing formwork is a formwork process suitable for the construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete vertical or inclined structures, such as walls, bridges, towers, etc. It can be divided into two types: “carrying formwork” and “no frame climbing type”. China’s climbing mold technology began in the late 1970s […]


Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (Ⅳ)

BOFU plastic formwork system Ⅴ All Steel Large Formwork The all-steel large formwork is mainly known as different types like assembled, integral, and the overall reserved door-hole type. The assembled all-steel large formwork consists of multiple unit plates. Before construction, it needs to be pre-assembled according to the requirements of the board drawing, but the […]

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Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (Ⅲ)

BOFU plastic formwork system Ⅳ plastic formwork The plastic formwork that is being used now in China are plastic PP formwork, bamboo-reinforced wood-plastic formwork, and plastic mold shell. The new plastic formwork being developed includes wood-plastic composite particle board formwork, GMT building formwork, and engineering plastic large formwork. In recent years, developed countries have developed […]


Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (Ⅱ)

BOFU plastic formwork system Ⅱ the steel formwork China’s steel formwork has also been applied for 30 years. The use of formwork has reached more than 75%. It has been widely used in many major projects and has become an indispensable construction tool for construction workers. At present, the national steel formwork has reached more […]


Formwork Engineering And Quality Control (Ⅰ)

BOFU plastic formwork system Formwork engineering refers to the formwork of the newly poured concrete and the complete set of construction systems supporting the formwork. Among them, the structural part that contacts the concrete and controls the predetermined size, shape and position is called a formwork. The supporting and fixing means, the truss, the connecting […]

BOFU plastic modular formwork for corner wall

BOFU Formwork Updating

BOFU plastic formwork system BOFU always endeavor to improve the formwork quality to satisfy most customers requirements. In order to make plastic formwork more strong and smooth, BOFU’s engineers work hard for long time and finally updating the raw materials to special ABS. ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) is a general-purpose thermoplastic polymer. ABS performance characteristics: good rigidity, […]

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Advantages of Plastic Building Formwork

BOFU plastic formwork system In traditional architecture, China building is dominated by wood structures, while the west building is dominated by brick and stone structures. After entering the modern society, with the advancement of science and technology, reinforced concrete has gradually become the mainstream of modern architecture. In the process of concrete pouring, it has […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Building Formworks

BOFU plastic formwork system In the construction market, the selection and using of building formwork has always been the top priority of project quality and cost control. In recent years, plastic formwork has become more and more important in the construction market. Plastic building formworks have certain advantages. Firstly, it has the characteristics of waterproof, […]

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Plastic Formwork Introduction

BOFU plastic formwork system Plastic formwork companies are mainly concentrated in Europe, South Korea and Japan, North America. The number of enterprises is small, but the production scale is large, the production technology is advanced, and the variety of plastic formwork products is more diversified. Plastic formwork mainly include steel frame plastic formwork, engineering plastic […]

BOFU plastic formwork system