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Plastic Modular Concrete Formwork System

BOFU plastic modular formwork for corner wall

Plastic Modular Formwork

Plastic modular formwork is an easy and intuitive system of ABS concrete forms for building concrete walls, basements, columns, slabs, etc., Compared with the traditional plywood or steel systems, BOFU plastic concrete formwork is handier, average cost effective and faster to set up, save time and labor.

BOFU plastic concrete formwork has panels of various sizes, fastened together by fast-lock nylon handles. Due to the several possible panel combinations and special inner and outer corner elements, the possible wall thickness made by our concrete forms goes from 10 to 40 cm.

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Advantage of Plastic Concrete Formwork


The weight of plastic formwork is about 15kg/sqm, only one person can do the job easily.


The panels of plastic formwork system can be reused about 100 times, and can be recycle totally, will not effect enviroment of the site.

Easy Operate

Joint the panels of plastic concrete formwork system simply by turn the handles to 90 degree, then locked the panels firmly.

Excellent surface

The finished wall surface by plastic formwork keep smooth without rework.


Plastic formwork system composed by different size of panels, all size of walls can be done easily like block.


Due to the easy operation, the plastic formwork system setting up will be much faster.


The material of panels of plastic concrete forms is ABS (Acrylonitrile-butadine-styrene), the max load of the panel up to 60KN.

Low cost

The plastic formwork panels can be reused about 100 times, so the average cost for this concrete form is low.

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Quality Control

Every group of plastic formwork panels need to be checked by our quality department to guarantee the high quality of the concfrete forms.


We always keep improving our design, to provide you the best concrete forms and service.


Shorten production time is not only your goal, but also ours, we will try our best to finish production of your concrete forms as soon as possible.

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BOFU plastic formwork system